Membership | Trinity Mykonos


When you are here at Trinity
We are here for you.

We offer exclusive bonuses to our members.

These include better prices for bedrooms, more flexible cancelation policies, priority access to facilities and of course, auto enrolment in our MyKlub system which enables you to earn as you spend with our carefully selected suppliers.

How do you become a member? Couldn’t be easier.
Simply give us a call or write us an email and book your stay with us.

Membership for now, is free. The price of admission is simply that you enjoy and understand all that we are creating and sharing here at Trinity . We are more like a family, than a hotel. We’d like to be on a first name basis with you from the moment you arrive and we will make your stay as tailored to what you want as we possibly can. You don’t stay AT our place, you stay WITH us and we are here for YOU. We are something different and we view each of you as unique as well. As we build and expand our network of hospitality, healing and adventure across the globe we’d like you to join us on this extraordinary journey. We will connect you with people, places and experiences that we would want for our own friends and family.

TRINITY MYKONOS Πλατυς Γιαλος, Platis Gialos 846 00, Greece +30 694 723 0682